Bereavement Toolkit – Managers

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Course Overview


When faced with bereavement in the workplace, either directly or where a member of staff has lost someone close to them, senior leaders are often concerned about how best to manage the impact sensitively and what support is appropriate to offer. This guidance considers the current Covid– 19 pandemic and how this may result in our team members being faced with the loss of life under very difficult circumstances of unexpected death. It looks at best practice management in this context, as well as signposting some additional sources of support and assistance.​ 

Learning outcomes:  

  • To increase understanding of how the current Covid– 19 pandemic may result in our team members being faced with the loss of life. 
  • To describe the necessary steps required, if team members are suffering from a bereavement. 
  • To understand  how a colleague may be feeling, in such an event, and be able to be responsive and attentive in order to support a team member who has suffered a bereavement.  
  • To explain the appropriate, immediate and practical steps if a colleague passes away. 
  • To describe the bereavement specific resources for colleagues. 


Delivered live via Adobe Connect.

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