CATEGORY: Clinical, eLearning, Public Health Nursing

Learning Disabilities Awareness eLearning

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


This module looks at the differences between learning disabilities and learning difficulties and how they can overlap. We will explore some of the difficulties those with learning difficulties face, especially surrounding communication and how you can adapt your care to suit the needs of the individual.

We will define what is ‘good practice,’ when working with an individual with learning disabilities, and how attitude and perception can affect the quality of care given. We will explore what happens when good quality care is not given and the legislation surrounding protecting the rights of individuals.

Finally, we will define the importance of always reporting concerns.



  • Understand the difference between learning disability and learning difficulty
  • Identify examples of learning difficulties and how these can overlap with learning disabilities
  • Understand some of the things those with learning difficulties may find difficult and why
  • Identify how to adapt your communication to suit the needs of those with learning disabilities
  • Define what is meant by a ‘reasonable adjustment’ and how to adjust the care given to those with learning disabilities
  • Reflect on how the attitudes towards disabilities and impairments can have an impact on the care given and received
  • Explain the legislation and policies designed to promote and protect human rights
  • Discuss the importance of raising concerns