Spiritual Wellbeing

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

All colleagues


To enable delegates to recognise the importance of an individual’s Spiritual Wellbeing and provide an introduction to positive psychology​.



Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe different ways  in which spirituality (spiritual wellbeing) can be defined 
  • Explain how to identify the spiritual needs of an individual living with dementia and others
  • Identify how an individual’s emphasis on spirituality (spiritual wellbeing) may vary at different stages of life experience including end of life
  • Identify how the values and beliefs of others may impact on the individual 
  • Describe how to access and provide support to meet the spiritual needs of individuals living with dementia and others
  • Explain the meaning of positive psychology
  • Describe two different models of mindset / discuss ways of dealing with stressful situations.


Delivered live via Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom

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