Leading a 1:1 conversation that feels difficult
Have you ever felt worried about having a potentially difficult conversation with a colleague? Evidence suggests that most line managers have. This course will help you look at why some conversations may currently feel difficult and how re-framing our language and mindset, and applying structure to the conversation can help. You will have chance to practice using models that will help you plan these types of conversation in future.


Understand when and why management conversations can sometimes feel difficult.


  • Learn how re-framing our language and thoughts about the conversation can change how we feel about it
  • Understand how our mindset and intentions can impact the outcome of a conversation
  • Be able to lead a 1:1 conversation that feels ‘difficult’ using three models (SBI, AID & FIATS) which help you plan and give structure


Delivered via Adobe Connect

Course length:

1 hour 30 minutes

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