Person-centred care


This module looks at person-centred values and the things you, your colleagues and your organisation can do to make the care given more person-centred.

We will explore how person-centred care is an ongoing process, that adapts and changes to the needs of the individual.

We will then look at the different ways you can report any concerns you may have about the care a colleague, or your organisation provides.


  • Explain what is person-centred care and how it affects people receiving care
  • Describe how it can be put into practice within your role
  • Differentiate between good and poor person-centred care
  • Describe how person-centred care is an ongoing process
  • Identify ways that a person’s environment may influence their experience of receiving person-centred care
  • Understand the ways in which you can report concerns



Course length:

Approximately 30 minutes


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