Safeguarding Children Level 3


Examine the signs of abuse and vulnerability factors surrounding child maltreatment. Explore best practice in record keeping and the importance of information sharing and when a Child Safeguarding Practice Review would be undertaken. Examine the impact of child maltreatment on child development.


  • Explore keeping the child at the centre at all times.
  • Identify signs of abuse, assessment, referral and escalation.
  • Discuss the public health significance of child maltreatment.
  • Examine vulnerability factors around child maltreatment and parenting capacity.
  • Understand and advise on information-sharing.
  • Explore best practice in documentation and record-keeping
  • Examine when Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews would be undertaken.
  • Define the impact of child maltreatment on normal child development.



Course length:

Approximately 60 minutes



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